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Visiting Tra Vinh Vietnam

Visiting Tra Vinh, international travelers booking hotels in Nha Trang will be easy to enjoy the breakfast dish unique that only in Tra Vinh new as noodle soups, fiery flavor sauce beef hormones, cake, Ben full of nutrition, porridge renders a in which not to mention Noodle dish empty just beautiful, just delicious. Bowl of noodle empty float any with color broth with pieces of shrimp. Shrimp is the people of Tra Vinh make, as long as the worms, which in this familiar call is "empty". Therefore, the name bun empty well from which go deep into the beauty of food the river. Grilled shrimp bun empty is made entirely from shrimp, fresh clean, remove head, remove tail, peeled add the garlic, bring the puree that do not add any type of flour. Shrimp after the puree is mixed with spices, oil controller to create flaming red beautiful eyes. Mixture of shrimp, blended smooth to be squeezing into long, long, wait, drop in a pot of broth or fried ripe fragrant lứng before pitching up noodle bowl. Sour sour, sweet sweet, not least the farmers complained of the same color reddish brown, beautiful eyes of broth noodles alone is what makes a soul the own form of this specialty. The sweet is from the security bone, taste sour, created by the tamarind fruit, fresh, fermented soy beans phlegm crushed to create the charming and eye-catching color for a bowl of noodles. To increase the degree of harmonisation in flavor, not boring, in addition to the shrimp, bacon, boiled people also add fresh vegetables such as lettuce, onions and cilantro small iron, sprouts, cabbage julienne. Bowl of noodles empty attracted right from the first glance, back to the maze li when the blades touch the water taking bold but harmonious, is completely conquered when sensuality is toughness, brittle, sweet nature of shrimp. Bun empty is available in the menu of the cafeteria budget to the luxury restaurant, visitors to Tra Vinh visit did enjoy bun empty would remember forever and love it like the people here. Source: Du Lich

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